Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Homeless awareness in Lexington

Links for more information on homelessness in Lexington (posted by Philip Blair, Nick Wilson, and Kelsey Stinson)

• The Face of the Homeless is an awareness campaign in Lexington that
educates Lexington about homelessness in hopes to make the city more
concerned and aware of the problem.

• This is a video we found on YouTube featuring homelessness and mental
illness in Lexington. It’s only a few minutes long so it won’t take up much of
your time…and I guarantee it will be worth it.

• Provided by the Institute for Children, Poverty, & Homelessness, this website
depicts the surprising numbers of the homeless in several of the bigger cities
in Kentucky- Lexington one of them. It is more based on raw numbers and
seems emotionless, but only because its goal it to inform, not sympathize.

• Lexington homeless voice is a Catholic organization dedicated to voicing the
opinions and concerns of the homeless in Lexington. They host bi-weekly
meetings for people to gather and “be heard and know that their thoughts
are important.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lexington Herald Leader on the Thriller Parade

For a place crawling with the undead, downtown Lexington was pretty lively Sunday evening. Story here.

Read more here:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Does Lexington need a transit riders union?

For those who heard presentations about public transit on Thursday, a timely article from the Atlantic Cities here about transit riders unions and public transportation. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New logo for the Lexington Legends unveiled

The Washington Post discovers Lexington

A nice Washington Post article on Lexington's Cheapside Park: "Blue grass, roving minstrels, fiery potions, peanut-butter breezes, dancing zombies, symbol-encrusted loaves of bread: This is either a hallucination or a day in the park. Specifically, Cheapside Park, the public square in Lexington, Ky."

See also a June article in Urban Times that celebrates the Square as an example of urban sustainability:

"Welcome to Cheapside Park, the public square of Lexington, Kentucky, the kind of authentic “third space” that today’s urban planners cite as essential for any city that hopes to thrive. It’s certainly a good place to sense the collective character of a townspeople, and in Lexington, that character is enough to make one want to visit again, and even live here. These folks embody the state credo of Kentucky Proud and suggest a spin-off, Lexington Happy."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fascinating plans for a car-free city in China

Another day, another proposal for a new Chinese city. The 1.3 square-kilometer Great City, designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill will be a massive new development that is completely sustainable, affordable, and, most strikingly, car-less. The masterplan, which has been planned for 80,000 people, will be built around a massive transit hub at its center, with all destinations to be within a few minutes walk, a planning innovation that would make “Great City” China’s (and the world’s?) first pedestrian-only city. More here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Repelling down Big Blue

Sarah Shepler of Tipp City, Ohio, began her descent Thursday on the side of Lexington's Fifth Third Bank Building during Brave the Blue, a Boy Scout fund-raiser. People who raised at least $1,000 got to rappel more than 400 feet and 31 floors. Read more here: