Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Homeless awareness in Lexington

Links for more information on homelessness in Lexington (posted by Philip Blair, Nick Wilson, and Kelsey Stinson)

• The Face of the Homeless is an awareness campaign in Lexington that
educates Lexington about homelessness in hopes to make the city more
concerned and aware of the problem.

• This is a video we found on YouTube featuring homelessness and mental
illness in Lexington. It’s only a few minutes long so it won’t take up much of
your time…and I guarantee it will be worth it.

• Provided by the Institute for Children, Poverty, & Homelessness, this website
depicts the surprising numbers of the homeless in several of the bigger cities
in Kentucky- Lexington one of them. It is more based on raw numbers and
seems emotionless, but only because its goal it to inform, not sympathize.

• Lexington homeless voice is a Catholic organization dedicated to voicing the
opinions and concerns of the homeless in Lexington. They host bi-weekly
meetings for people to gather and “be heard and know that their thoughts
are important.”

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