Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Washington Post discovers Lexington

A nice Washington Post article on Lexington's Cheapside Park: "Blue grass, roving minstrels, fiery potions, peanut-butter breezes, dancing zombies, symbol-encrusted loaves of bread: This is either a hallucination or a day in the park. Specifically, Cheapside Park, the public square in Lexington, Ky."

See also a June article in Urban Times that celebrates the Square as an example of urban sustainability:

"Welcome to Cheapside Park, the public square of Lexington, Kentucky, the kind of authentic “third space” that today’s urban planners cite as essential for any city that hopes to thrive. It’s certainly a good place to sense the collective character of a townspeople, and in Lexington, that character is enough to make one want to visit again, and even live here. These folks embody the state credo of Kentucky Proud and suggest a spin-off, Lexington Happy."

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